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Brilliantly Honest Slogans about Major Brands by Clif Dickens

The Netflix one, though.





my mother has been murdered,
i really need help

I wanted to boost this with the note for skeptics that this looks completely legit:

This is what happened. It’s a pretty awful. Warning for domestic violence.

Here’s a pic uploaded by the news site showing her with her kids. Note the older girl’s appearance

Here’s what appears to be the full version of the first pic in the top news article, and a corrobating selfie from the day before, verifying that the blogger’s the same girl, that does not match anything on google images.

It’s exactly as OP says. Actually given the circumstances I think it’s even worse than OP let on here. I don’t usually reblog donate2charity posts but in this case it’s as horrible and as true as it says on the tin so yeah. Followers, please consider this one.

Diaspora, Immigration and Identity in "Avatar: the Last Airbender"


(aka another reason this show is my fave and you should all watch it)

cw: genocide


This post has been marinating for a while now. As a diasporic WOC there are certain themes in AtLA that resonate very strongly with me, and it’s led me to consider how the…





"I mean it’s crazy; we finish each other’s-"

"Swear to God, Vash, if you get into any more trouble, I will turn you in myself and use the reward money to go on a much needed vacation!"

"That’s not what I was going to say,…

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Higashidani Ota…

"I’m glad to see you are a man who can act when he needs to."

Happy 20th Anniversary RuroKen! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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my mother has been murdered,
i really need help

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“Oh yeah, that was the biggest joke of all. I think that there is a general pattern of “white-ifying” everything. Just because they make Heimdall black in the Thor movies doesn’t really make a counterargument. In fact, the amount of what they call “racebending” that goes on in Hollywood is extraordinary. I mean, I have sat down with agents who will tell me straight up, “Listen, you write about Dominicans in New Jersey. We can make an indie film about this, but nobody in Hollywood wants to see anything but white leads.” And so when I heard that they wanted to cast all white characters in Akira, it just really shows you how little the dream factory of our popular culture has caught up with the diverse reality of our present. I mean, the nation in which we live — and the world in which we live — is so extraordinarily more like a future than the futures that we’re being sold on the screen and on television.”


 Junot Díaz


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Convention Schedule*

March 28-30 / Emerald City Comic Con / Seattle, WA
April 19th / FLUKE / Athens, GA
April 25-26 / C2E2 / Chicago, IL
May 17-18 / SC Comicon / Greenville, SC
June 20-22 / Heroes Con / Charlotte, NC
July 24-27 / San Diego Comic-Con / San Diego, CA
Aug 29-Sept 1 / Dragon Con / Atlanta, GA
September 5-7 / Baltimore Comic Con / Baltimore, MD
September 13-14 / Small Press Expo / Bethesda, MD
October 2-4 / Austin Comic Con / Austin, TX


(Pictured Above: Me and comics blogger Adrienne Marie at ECCC!)

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